Turning On Data!

Deep Center advances to become one of the largest companies in Information management, supporting clients and business partners on managing billing, assets, financing, debt negotiation or collection and recovery, insurance, sales, CRM, contact center, and many others.

We have developed a powerful visualization, exploration, and data analysis platform. We combined years of experience and operational knowledge with innovative Big Data tools, and our main goal is to break the traditional way in which the entire ecosystem analyses data.

Therefore, Deep Center is unique.


Integrity, transparency and ethics.

Honesty must be at the heart of all our actions. Respect for the laws and legal systems of all countries is a fundamental principle for us at Deep Center. We respect the personal dignity, privacy and individual rights of each one. Our reputation is determined by our actions and by the way each employee in the company behaves and act. Fair competition allows the free evolution of markets - with the corresponding social benefits - based on the quality and price of our innovative products, and not by offering undue benefits to third parties.

Deep Center specifies to its suppliers and business partners a compliance code of conduct based on the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. It covers compliance with general compliance laws and rules and our anti-corruption, anti-competitive practices and conflicts of interest policies, including issues of secrecy, privacy and information security.


What is Compliance?

Set of measures ensuring that the company is in compliance with the national and international standards in force, complying with all the requirements of the regulatory authorities, within all the policies required for the activity to be performed.

How important is Compliance?

  • To adopt and maintain good governance practices according to the laws;

  • To assist the fight against corruption;

  • To create internal controls, mitigating risks and minimizing misconduct;

  • To adopt ethical behavior and Compliance as fundamental guidelines to be observed by the signatories.

What are the benefits of complying?

Being in compliant helps to fix the organization in the market and to build a strong and very positive image, bringing a series of benefits such as:

  • Protection of the corporate image and the people who are responsible for it;

  • Concern with ethics and cultural transformation in companies;

  • Creation of a strong organizational culture, committed employees and providers acting with integrity and valuing these aspects in their activities;

  • Increased company's credibility;

What is the relationship between Compliance and GDPR?

Compliance rules are updated to achieve the parameters defined in the General Data Protection Laws, as well as the code of conduct. Internal procedures and information security standards are also in line with all of this.

Main points:

Basic conduct requirements

All employees must comply with the laws and regulations of the legal systems in which they operate and the applicable Deep Center policies. It is essential to avoid any violation of the law, in any and all circumstances. Regardless of the sanctions provided for in the law, all employees guilty of an infraction will be subject to disciplinary measures as a result of non-compliance with their professional duties.

Information processing

The collection, processing or use of personal data is only permitted to the extent necessary for previously defined, clear and legitimate purposes. In addition, personal data must be kept safe and precautions must be taken when transmitting it. High standards must be guaranteed in terms of data quality and protection against unauthorized access. The use of the data must be transparent to the affected persons, whose rights must be safeguarded with regard to the use and correction of the information and, if applicable, to objections involving the blocking or deletion of information.


Non-public information from or about suppliers, customers, employees, agents, consultants and other third parties must also be protected in accordance with legal and contractual requirements.

Confidential or proprietary information may include in particular:

  • Details about a company's organization and equipment, prices, sales, profits, markets, customers and other business matters;

  • Information on production or research and development and,

  • Internal financial reporting values.

The confidentiality obligation continues beyond the end of the relevant relationship, since the disclosure of confidential information may harm Deep Center's business or its customers, regardless of the time of disclosure.

Relationship with business partners and external entities

Collaborators may not:

  • Talk to competitors about prices, production, capabilities, sales, proposals, profits, profit margins, costs, distribution methods or any other parameter that determines or influences the competitive behavior of the company in order to induce parallel behavior on the part of the competitor;

  • Establish agreements with competitors in order not to compete, restrict business with suppliers, submit fictitious offers under proposals or share customers, markets, territories or production programs;

  • Obtain confidential information from the competition using means of industrial espionage, bribery, theft or interception of information by electronic means, or to communicate consciously false information about a competitor or its products and services.

Our main values

Deliver high performance services and products to our customers, through long-term relationships, mutual gains and efficiency in execution. Attract, develop, train and retain the best professionals, offering training through an environment where they can improve their qualification, with incentives and incentive policies increasing their earnings and the company's income. We value the respect of the individual, valuing diversity, encouraging an environment of trust and inclusion, respecting and understanding the differences between individuals.


Being upright means being ethical, honest, transparent and inspiring confidence. Having our speech in line with our behavior, our conduct and being responsible for all our actions.

Dowload Deep Center's Code of Conduct (PDF):


Our Code of Conduct

Our Ethics and Compliance program is based on the highest ethical standards committed to laws and domestic policy, preventing, detecting, reporting, and resolving alleged misconduct, acting in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


To achieve our goals, we have the full support of senior management, regular assessments, periodic risk assessments, code of conduct, information security policies, internal procedures, ongoing training and communications, audits, monitoring and feedback.


These procedures apply not only to employees, but also to all providers and third parties who perform services on behalf of the Deep Center .

Bad conduct,

how to report?

Complaints help ensure that misconduct is thoroughly investigated and clarified. This channel allows internal and external whistleblowers to inform us of possible breaches of compliance in complete safety.


The report can be sent anonymously, if desired.


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deep center

Deep Center

With headquarters in São Paulo, Deep Center is the first to combine big data technology with customer support and collection skills to perform information management and support these segments in their decision-making processes.

Our solutions go from the presentation of monitoring and diagnosis to the development of analytical and predictive models.


Raison D’être:

For a world where anyone can make decisions guided by data.


“We work to create a world in which there will be decision-making support solutions for any company. Our goal is to be a world-renowned Business Analytics company. By creating technology innovations focused on business intelligence, we will help people make better decisions.”


“To enable, through innovative technologies and a high-level team, the improvement of the decision-making process.”


  • Collaboration

  • Defiance (the dissatisfaction with the traditional and linear)

  • Honesty

  • Growth and profitability

  • Focus on the client

  • Respect for human beings and their individualities

  • Quick reactions to changes

  • Agile development


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Our professional skills enabled Deep Center to develop a product that generates unique value to our clients.


We are always thinking about transparency when solving problems in a prescriptive way.​